Those who provide assistance in the everyday life of the elderly may need a break from time to time.

Permanent residents in aged care communities are used to a friendly team who take shifts in caring for clients. For those who are in a home care situation, loved ones may be looking for short term support to assist with everyday tasks.

St Mary’s Aged Care is a reliable provider of respite care on the

Sunshine Coast. They offer support for those who are not in a permanent aged care arrangement so that the designated caregivers can rest.

Day respite or full aged care services can be arranged with a professional carer for days or weeks, depending on what the family needs.

St. Mary’s has been in the business of providing care for the older members of the Sunshine Coast community for many years.

They are an approved provider for aged care by the Australian Government.

Respite services helps in supporting the community

Respite care services are available to support the elderly members of the community as well as their loved ones.

Families can trust the reliable team to provide care whether at home or in the centre.

Caregivers are trained to establish a connection so that patients feel secure and comfortable with the temporary setup.

What are the kind of support services available

Who are in need of respite care

Families who care for their elderly loved ones may be looking for respite care in order to travel or simply to take a rest.

Patients who are in need of extra support for times such as sickness, post operative situations, injuries and such may need nursing services on a temporary basis.

Day respite is for those needing support for their elderly loved ones during the day only.

Day respite centre

Day respite centre caters to the needs of the patients during the day.

This arrangement allows your loved one to receive support services in the centre during the day.

Approved Sunshine Coast aged care provider by the Australian government

St Mary’s is an approved provider of aged care, including respite care, service in the Sunshine Coast area.

Contact My Aged Care to receive advice on respite packages that your loved one is eligible for.

For respite services that are paid out of pocket, our team is happy to assist the family discuss the best value for their loved one.

Contact St. Mary’s for respite care options available.